The Idolmaster: Live for You! [ XBR, Freeboot, JAP ]

In this innovative simulation game, you act as a producer and make your special girl's dream come true. That is, turn her into an idol! You start from the beginning, from choosing your special girl, training her, taking her to promotional events and auditions, arranging for her to go on TV to forming your own idol group. You are not only to take care of her professional needs, but personal needs such as arranging weekends and vacations for her. During these leisure activities, she might show you her hidden sides, depending on how close you are with her. These memories will be invaluable when she has to go to auditions or appeal to judges in these competitive events, not to mention that they also contribute to the progression of your relationship with her.

The Idolmaster: Live for You! архив из 3-х частей скачать бесплатно с ограничением скорости
часть 1 (999Mb) + часть 2 (999Mb)+ часть 3 (678Mb)

скачать без ограничения скорости за SMS ( около 30р )

часть 1 (999Mb) + часть 2 (999Mb)+ часть 3 (678Mb)

Скачать все части архива, поместить в одну директорию и распаковать

Распакованную игру поместить в Hdd1:\Games\
Запускать через Xexmenu, FreeStyle Dash

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